Our first limited-edition collection is a bold statement in colour, detail and ingenuity. It takes its name from the ancient kingdom of Scythia, which was renowned for its deep-rooted traditions of craftsmanship and its fierce sense of autonomy. The free-spirited women of Scythia are thought by many to be the inspiration for the Amazons — the mythical female warriors widely revered for their strength, beauty and independence. The five designs in this collection – which are all available in three limited edition colour ways – are each named after an Amazon. Their sleek and strikingly structural silhouettes celebrate the Amazons’ confidence, elegance and physical prowess.

Scythian society was deeply concerned with artistry and craft and the decoration of surfaces was an important means of communication within their culture. They were skilled in gold, wood, leather, bone, bronze work and they adorned themselves with miniature hand-crafted fibulas, plaques and neck pieces in precious metals, as well as felted textiles and elaborate tattoos. Their fixation on luxury, detail and surface decoration resonates with our own explorations in the geometric and astronomical motifs of the Scythia collection stitch work.

In honour of Scythian expertise and traditions in metal work, we have developed a rich palette of gold, brass and silver, which we have accented with tones from nature, including sky blue, camouflage and dusty rose pink.