We are an entirely vegetarian company, using animal-free materials for all of our products, sourcing eco-synthetic leather and woven fabrics in order to prevent cruelty and avoid potentially toxic leather-tanning processes.

In addition to this we are advocating for a toxic-free supply by working with European suppliers, including Italian textile mills. The Italian textile industry is at the forefront of the movement towards a cleaner textile supply chain, which compensates for CO2 emissions by eliminating hazardous substances from textile processing. Staying faithful to our commitment to ethical and sustainable design, we use cruelty-free, high quality textiles from Italy which carry the Reach, Oeko-Tex and Greenpeace’s ‘Detox Our Future’ certifications. In this way we can contribute to building a toxic free future - where dangerous chemicals are no longer produced, used and released into our environment.  



Each item in our wardrobe has it’s own life story, in which we as their consumers are characters. But their life began before we met them – in the work of other people. With fast fashion, this often means that they began life in the developing world, at the hands of under-paid and overworked female garment workers.

At R J Gibson we are committed to keeping our supply chain as local and transparent as possible, using certified companies who share our attention to workers rights, salaries and working conditions.  And adopting the Fashion Revolution pledge to ask ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ By working with a modern approach to business we strive to value people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.


We are confident that your R J Gibson bag will last a lifetime. To ensure that it does and in order in order to minimise textile waste, we would like to ask you to return your bag to us after the first 5 years of wear, so that we can give it a check-up. In the way that you might have a fine painting restored or an MOT for your car, you can return your R J Gibson bag to us, using a free postage service and we will give your bag a thorough shine and polish before returning it back to you.

As a means of saying thanks to you for helping us reduce potential textile waste, we will also give you 20% discount on any future purchases you make with R J Gibson.